Welcome to the Weese Lab in the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at Georgia College & State University.  The research of our lab focuses on the fields of population genetics, evolutionary biology and conservation. However, the interests of the lab span beyond these realms and continue to grow. Utilizing various molecular techniques, we explore a wide range of ecological and evolutionary questions regarding aquatic and marine organisms. 

Lab News:

September- Welcome to the lab Aleah Ostrat!!  Aleah is a sophmore biology major and  will be working on an environmental DNA project attempting to identify invertebrate communities of the Oconee River.
September- New paper out investigating and comparing the microbial consortia of Hawaii's  anchialine ecosystem:
April- Jordan Yacoub received an Outstanding Major Award from the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences.
December 14th- Congratulations to Caroline Folwer!! Caroline has graduated and will be starting PA school at Augusta University in May.
June 17th- Congratulations to Daquille Peppers for successfully defending his masters thesis!!
May: New paper out in Toxins looking at how venom duct transcriptomes of  the cone snail, Conus milarias, varies with diet:    "Effects of predator-prey interactions on predator traits:   Differentiation of diets and venoms of a marine snail."
April 11-13: Undergraduates students Jordan Yacoub and Caroline Fowler  were at it again.  This time, they presented their research on Hawaiian tilapia and coastal crayfish at the 2019 National Undergraduate Research Conference (NCRU) conference held at Kennesaw State.
It was a busy day for the Weese Lab!!  Kevin Xiong presented a research poster on behalf of the Fall 2018 Molecular Ecology Class regarding a DNA barcoding project the class conducted on the fish of Champion Creek out at Lake Laural.  Jordan Yacoub and Caroline Fowler presented two research posters ("Incorporating Digital Imaging into the Scientific Process" and "Investigating Cryptic Diversity in the Crayfish of Coastal Georgia") and an oral presentation identifying invasive species of tilapia in Hawaii.  
March 15-16:  Undergraduate students, Caroline Fowler and Jordan Yacoub, recently presented a poster  on the population structure of Georgia Crayfish at the Georgia Academy of Sciences meeting at the University of North Georgia in Gainesville, GA.  They also spoke on their work identifying species of invasive tilapia in Hawaii.
March 14:  Graduate student, Daquille Peppers, won 3rd place at the Georgia College Graduate Research Poster Exhibit & Competition for his poster regarding the bio-surveillance of pathogenic infections to protect Hawaiian tilapia.