David A. Weese, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Georgia College and State University

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

David Weese

Undergraduate Students

My name is Aleah Ostrat, and I am currently a sophomore at Georgia College and State University. I am actively pursuing a major in Biology, specifically with a concentration in pre-medical. I have always been fascinated with how everything operates with such minute details to make the whole system run effectively. Biology has been a great way to allow me to continue to ask why or how not only our bodies function, but also how the world around us is able to operate. I am eager to learn more about environmental DNA and the impact it has on local ecosystems. This research in eDNA will allow me to further my understanding in how organisms have the ability to alter the environment as well as how to identify organisms using molecular techniques.

Noah Rylee will be joining the lab in January to do some population genetics work on crayfish endemic to the Oconee River Basin.  Check back soon to see what he is up to.

Graduate Students


Currently, there are no available graduate student positions in the lab.  Please check back in the following months or contact David Weese directly to express your interest.

Lab Alumni

Jordan Yacoub- 2016-2020;

Caroline Fowler, 2017-2019; Augusta University, PA school

Daquille Peppers, M.S. 2017-2019; Alto Scientific, Ltd.

Nicholas Fuerstenau, 2016-2018; Mercer University School of Medicine

Harrison Macnellis, 2017-2018; Dental College of Georgia